Breed: Mixed breed (small)

Age: Older

Gender: Male

Can live with dogs? Yes

Can live with dog-savvy cats? Yes

Taco is the most delightful and loving 11yr old gentleman and very young at heart! His tail is always wagging and he loves to welcome you when you come in from being out.

He loves going for his walks (though he is a bit of a scavenger and will pick up things to eat if you don’t keep an eye on him).

He loves his food and treats. You will need to break up treats into small bite sizes as he will swallow them whole and the best way to give him treats from your hand is to hold out your hand flat (or he will grab your fingers).

He loves sniffing around the garden and lying in the sun.

He loves being cuddled and will ask to come up and sit with you on the sofa. Though he needs a little help to get onto the sofa – he is also happy to lie on his bed and sleep.

He will follow you around the house as he loves being with you. He doesn’t mind being picked up and travels well in the car and will lie down, occasionally getting up to look out the window.

I have only heard him bark twice, he ignores the cats that walk along the fence and gets on with the 2 female dogs that he is currently living with.

At night he will sleep on his bed but also likes to get on the bed with you – he will last all night without needing to go to the toilet.

Taco will make a wonderful companion to someone.


Taco has Leshmaniasis, Leishmaniasis is a disease that is transmitted by the sand fly Mosquito in Spain, A sand fly has to bite an infected dog and carry the infected blood to the next dog it feeds from and will then infect that dog, You cannot catch Leishmaniasis from a dog with the condition, you need to be bitten by a sandfly and we do not have any in the UK, so a dog with Leish is not contagious to you or your family. Mediterranean Leish is not the same as African Continent Leish which can be transmitted to humans

In the Uk vets do not have much knowledge of this condition and often can give advice that may be over cautious. We us Vets Klinic and they now have a good understanding of the condition.

Dogs who come to the UK with Leish, come with their blood tests and medication. Stress in dogs with Leish can lead to dogs having a higher reading and once settled in a loving home many dogs reading lowers, sometimes to the point they no longer need medication.


If you have already been homechecked you will not need to fill out a new application, just email SNDrescue@gmail.com and let us know. Homes already checked will get priority

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