7 Collies Looking for Homes – Can You Help?

SNDogs have recently taken in seven collies who are all looking for homes.

We have a selection of males and females and the ages range from 5 – 13 years. Their names are Midnight, Tara, Star, Moss, Toby, Teddy and Jake.

All of these dogs have always lived with other dogs so we are looking to rehome them with families that already have a dog, or those that are willing to take more than one of the collies.

There are a selection of black-and-white, blue-merle and tri-merle colours.

Border collies are full of energy and have lively personalities, they are fantastic pets to have for someone who is experienced with dogs.Some of the dogs that are 13 may do well with slightly older owners as they are more chilled and relaxed.

We are looking to rehome the dogs in pairs or groups and would like to keep Jake and Moss together as they are brothers.

We are also appealing for dog fosterers to come forward who could provide temporary accommodation.

More information will follow, but if you are interested in finding out more please fill out an application form.

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Top photo by Thomas Kelsey of the Swindon Advertiser