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Please complete the following form if you are interested in adopting from SNDogs.

New dogs arrive into our care regularly. When this happens, the dog will be added to our website, so keep checking to see if your perfect pooch is waiting for you! Available dogs can be found here.

We are based in Swindon, Wiltshire, but we rehome dogs to families all across the UK. You must be able to travel to Swindon to collect the dog.

You might be wondering why we require certain information from you in your application form. This article explains it perfectly.

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    All adoption applications are subject to a £11 non-refundable processing fee.

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    At the moment, we are not taking specific applications for individual dogs. Instead, all applications are general and we will discuss availability and suitability of all dogs with you once your homehceck has been passed.

    We CANNOT reserve a dog or mark your interest in a dog until you have passed your homecheck.

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    Please note that SNDogs does not rehome dogs under 5 years of age to households where all residents are over the age of 70.

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    Do you or anyone in your household have any unspent convictions for violence towards people or animals?*

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    Coronavirus update: We are currently doing virtual homechecks, followed up by a physical check if we bring a dog to you. Do you have Skype, WhatsApp,
    and/or Facebook Messenger? (please specify)

    Read more about our rehoming process during Coronavirus here

    Re-homing is subject to a successful home check and adoption fee.

    When taking a dog on trial, adopters must pay the adoption fee. This is £300 for adult dogs £400 for puppies. There are times when the fee will be altered.

    If a dog goes on trial and is returned, the people returning the dog need to email SNDogs with bank info to claim back the adoption fee.

    This will be refunded (minus a non-refundable £50 which you will have been informed of and agreed to before taking the dog on trial) as long as the dog is returned in the same condition with no injuries, signs of neglect or abuse. You must claim your refund within one month.

    Please ensure that the full donation amount is available prior to having your home check, as this avoids disappointment all round.

    After clicking 'submit' you will be redirected to a secure page to pay a £11 non-refundable admin fee. It takes a few seconds to load, so please be patient 🙂

    If you are not redirected to PayPal after completing this form, please email to let us know. You do NOT need to fill in the application form again; we will still have received your application.