An update on Daisy

Some of you may remember Daisy, who came to us earlier in the year with several medical conditions. She had lost most of her fur and needed lots of love and affection to help get her back to full health.

Daisy has now been adopted and is doing wonderfully in her new home.

Here is an update from her new family:

“Daisy had her appointment at the vet and was spayed yesterday. She is resting and doing well.

A HUGE THANK YOU to SNDOGS for completing her care.

When Daisy came to us she was so unwell she was unable to have her jabs or be spayed.

SNDOGS makes sure each dog has been given a health check, jabs and is altered before adoption.

Daisy was a special case and SNDOGS has worked with us every step of the way in completing her care. They covered her initial vet visits, jabs and now her spay.

We are so grateful to SNDOGS for bringing Daisy into our lives and ensuring they followed through with her care.

They go above and beyond for the dogs they rescue and are truly Angels on the dog’s shoulders!

I don’t know what would have become of Daisy with out the intervention of SNDOGS.

Daisy would like to encourage you to make a small donation to SNDOGS to help them rescue more Needy Dogs like her.

Daisy’s Journey to wellness is not yet complete, so stay tuned and we’ll continue to post her story!”

Follow Daisy’s journey here