Online Fundraising Auctions

The next auction will take place in late Nov/early Dec 2019.

What is a Facebook auction?

Facebook auctions are becoming a popular way to fundraise for charities. An auction “Photo Album” will be created on this page.

Photographs of all of the items are uploaded into the photo album and then you can bid by typing an amount into the comment box below the item you are interested in.

How do I view the items?

The items are all put on Facebook for you to view and bid on them. When the next auction opens, the link will be added on this page.

Click here to visit the auction!

How do I bid on an item?

It’s REALLY simple to bid – just place a comment under the photograph of the item you are interested in with the amount you want to bid. It has to be higher than the last bid. The items are all located in Swindon, but many of them can be posted to you if you pay the postage fees.

How do I know if I’ve won an item?

When the auction ends you will receive a message on Facebook telling you the items that you have won and the total price. It may take a day or so for someone to be in touch as there are lots of items to go through, so please be patient – someone will get back to you =)

How do I pay for my item?

Once the auction has finished, you will be sent a message with how much you owe. This can be paid on PayPal, or if you collect your items in person you can pay cash.

How do I collect my item?

You can either choose to have the item posted to you (you pay the postage) or you can collect the item from Pinehurst in Swindon. When the auction ends, you will be contacted to ask which option you would like.

PLEASE NOTE THE ABOVE CHANGE OF COLLECTION LOCATION. Items are no longer available to be collected from previous addresses. The ONLY collection location is based in Pinehurst.

All items MUST be collected within two weeks of the auction end date. Any items not collected will be returned to our storage unit and relisted in the next auction.

Can I donate an item to the auction?

Of course! We would very much appreciate any donations of new/nearly new items. We are already pretty full for this auction, so your donations may be stored by one of our volunteers until the next auction.

If you have some items that you would like to donate, please drop them off at one of our drop-off locations which are all over Swindon and the surrounding areas. If you need us to collect the items, send us a message.

Note that we are currently NOT looking for: books, clothes, DVDs, CDs, electronic items or anything that needs a battery (unless you also provide working batteries).

I’m a business owner. Can I donate an item?

If you are a business owner and would like to donate a gift voucher for your company (restaurant? beauty therapy? tattoo artist? dog groomer?) these always encourage BIG donations from our supporters so we would be really grateful if you contribute to our auction. Likewise, handcrafted or baked items are much appreciated too.

How can I promote the auction to encourage more bidders?

The auction will be promoted on Facebook by SNDogs. If you could like, comment on and share the poster that will really help with promoting the auction.