Congratulations Megan on your new home!

We are VERY, VERY excited to announce that Megan, our longest stay foster dog, has BEEN ADOPTED!!

Megan has been living with her foster family for a staggering four YEARS whilst searching for her forever home, and now it has finally happened for her and we are so happy.

It just goes to prove that every dog has her day.

Congratulations Megan!

We know that lots of you have followed Megan’s story over the years and the outpouring of messages from you all on Facebook since we shared the news has been astounding. In eight hours our post has been “liked” over 350 times and viewed by over 7,100 people and that number is rising almost by the minute.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to spread Megan’s story over the years, we really appreciate your support.

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