Breed: Cross breed

Age: 2-3 years

Gender: Male

Can live with children? Older children

Can live with dogs? Yes

Can live with dog-savvy cats? No

Alfie is a lively young boy aged approx 2-3 years.

He lives happily with 2 female dogs (needs to be fed separately)but can be a bit grumbly when he meets other dogs out on walks.

He is a sock, slipper thief and anything else he can drag off a chair or bed, but doesn’t chew them just likes to collect them. He loves playing with toys.

He is getting used to walking with a harness and lead, once out walking he walks very nicely – he is wary of loud noises and young children.

He loves having his tummy tickled.

Alfie can’t live with cats or small furies he will chase them, or young children (as they scare him).

Alfie is wary of new people he meets but once he gains your trust he will be your best friend.

He is the size of a Corgi, with Spaniel paws and short legs.

He can travel in a car.

Alfie can be left on his own for up to 4 hours. He is currently left with 2 other dogs for company.

Ideally Alfie would like to live with another dog as he loves to play.

He will give you a big welcome when you come back home!

Adoption fees & homecheck information

Re-homing is subject to a successful home check and adoption fee.

When completing your adoption application, you are required to pay a non-refundable admin fee of £11.

After receiving your application, we will contact you to arrange your homecheck.

If you have already been homechecked within the last 12 months, you do not need to fill out a new application – just email and let us know. Homes already checked will get priority.

If your homecheck was over 12 months ago then you will need to apply for a new one by completing the adoption form and paying the £11 admin fee for processing your updated homecheck.

When taking a dog on trial, adopters must pay the adoption fee. This is £300 for adult dogs and £400 for puppies. There are times when the fee will be altered.

If a dog goes on trial and is returned, the people returning the dog need to email SNDogs with bank info to claim back the adoption fee.

This will be refunded (minus a non-refundable £50 which you will have been informed of and agreed to before taking the dog on trial) as long as the dog is returned in the same condition as you received them, with no injuries, signs of neglect or abuse.

Please ensure that the full donation amount is available prior to having your home check, as this avoids disappointment all round.

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