Hi, I’m Corey and I am a 3 year old Lurcher.

Sadly my previous owners could no longer look after me so I am looking for a new family.

My foster mum says that I am a good boy in the house and I always go for a wee in the garden. I wait nicely for my dinner and I know that I am not allowed human food.

I like going for long walks and I walk nicely next to my foster mum.

When we get home I like to snuggle on the sofa with all of my foster family.

When I first started living with my foster mum in April I was very nervous of new things and I didn’t like it when new people or dogs came up to say hello. Since then I am learning that the world is not such a scary place and that people just want to stroke me. I have also started to make lots of doggy friends, I love going to the paddock and meeting up with other lurchers and running around together.

I am learning that other dogs just want to say hi. My foster mum talks to me in a happy voice and gives me treats when we see a dog so I know that it’s ok.

I love my foster brothers (both human and dog). My human foster brothers are teenagers and I like giving them kisses. I also like little humans as long as I can sniff them first and they are not being noisy, I’ve been told that I shouldn’t kiss them as they might get scared. My dog foster brother is also a lurcher, he doesn’t like playing very much so I leave him alone and play with my squeaky toys

Update Oct 18 – Sadly Corey now has kidney failure. He is still happy and not suffering. He currently is on medication to keep him comfortable. We are happy to keep him in a foster home and take care of him. But would really love him to find his forever home for as long as he has left. Could you be Corey’s forever home?

Update Feb 19 – Good news Corey has recently had a blood test and he is doing really well. He is only in very very early stage kidney failure and this can be managed with diet and tablets.