Breed: Cross breed

Age: 9 years

Gender: Male

Can live with children? Older children

Can live with dogs? Yes

Can live with dog-savvy cats? Yes

Dougal is an older (possible 9yrs old) very friendly loving dog.

He loves cuddles but doesn’t jump up for cuddles, he waits for you to pick him up and give him some love.

He doesn’t get on furniture unless hes been put on the furniture.

Loves his walks and being outside.

He loves a bit of ruff and tumble rather than playing with toys.

Good with other dogs and I believe cats but he does get a bit Jealous if another dog comes near while hes having cuddles.

Dougal is house trained and will also sit on command.

He would rather be in an adult home or a home where children are older and not going to bother him.

He does have some itchy skin, through process of elimination we believe it is allergies. This may need treatment in time.

Also he has a grade 3/6 heart murmur. Again he needs no treatment at this time, but may do later on.

This dog has been reserved, which means that they will be meeting people so that a trial can take place. You can still apply for adoption, however please note that if the trial period is successful then Dougal will no longer be available to be rehomed.

If you have already been homechecked you may not need to fill out a new application, just email and let us know. Homes already checked will get priority.

Adoption fee is £250 per dog unless otherwise agreed. This is payable at the time you take a dog on a two-week trial.

If you would like to sponsor Dougal to help with their care, you can do so by clicking the button below