Breed: Cross breed

Age: 10 years

Gender: Male

Can live with children? No

Can live with dogs? Yes

Can live with dog-savvy cats? Yes

GRANDPA is approx 10 years old has spent most of his life living outside on the end of a chain in Spain. He is the most friendly and gentle dog and whoever adopts him will be rewarded with a most wonderful & loyal companion.

He is looking for a quiet retirement home and would like to have someone around for most of the time as he loves company. He has adapted well to living in a house, but currently doesn’t understand stairs! He loves sleeping on a soft bed, having regular food and loves scrambled egg and cheese.

He loves having his chin and tummy tickled. He is getting used to walking on a lead and will occasionally nudge your hand for reassurance if he is not sure about something.

He gets on with other dogs, big or small and shows no interest in cats.

He has a few bald patches where he was sleeping on a cold hard floor and a few lumps and bumps.

He is a little nervous of loud noises and when he first meets men but given time he soon becomes more confident around them. He needs to be lifted up into the car, but once in the car is fine.

He enjoys being groomed.

He likes visiting children but, likes a quiet life so doesn’t want to live with any. At night he likes to sleep by your bed.

Grandpa has a grade 5 heart murmur that is currently under investigation.

Grandpa can’t wait to meet you!

This dog has been reserved, which means that they will be meeting people so that a trial can take place. You can still apply for adoption, however please note that if the trial period is successful then Grandpa will no longer be available to be rehomed.

If you have already been homechecked you may not need to fill out a new application, just email and let us know. Homes already checked will get priority.

Adoption fee is £250 per dog unless otherwise agreed. This is payable at the time you take a dog on a two-week trial.

If you would like to sponsor Grandpa to help with their care, you can do so by clicking the button below