SNDogs are pleased to announce that Josie has found her forever home!

A message from Josie's new family:

Thank you to SNDogs for introducing us to Josie who has brought a whole new dimension into our life. As newbie dog owners, she is training us with a nicely ‘paws-on’ approach. She keeps the sofa warm for dad when he returns from work, then retires graciously to her chair.

She talks to us with all kinds of amazing sounds and keeps us on our toes on walks as she swaps between hunting mode, exemplary at heel walking and going on strike. Hunting mode – that’s looking for cats, rabbits and brushes. Yes the brush probably got a shock!

She enjoys lovely mad times in the garden as we try to teach her ‘fetch’, and is progressing in her friendship with Lottie, a self confessed grumpy JRT, with whom she shares long playful walks. Then obviously there’s always lots of sleeping to be done after the long walks.