Breed: Sabueso_Español hound

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Can live with children? Yes

Can live with dogs? Yes

Can live with dog-savvy cats? No

Marvellous Molly is only about 2 years old and a lovely long legged Sabueso_Español hound who is very loving.

She loves children, is good with other dogs but not great with cats.

🎶My girl Mollypop, she’ll make your heart go giddy up 🎶

She is a wonderful young girl.

Soft to smooth and stunning to look at

No vices, needs gentle training, but she’s not pushy.

Loves cuddles, and if she has her walks is relaxed at home.

Great round my 3 dogs and at her dog day care.

Likes car journeys. OK left for short periods at the moment, building up the time and she is getting used to me coming and going. Clean in the house.

No guarding behaviors with toys or food, I do feed her seperate from my dogs as she ears fast and tries to steal, but that’s getting less as she’s not so skinny and it’s less hungry.

She’s great with kids, but leggy and bouncy so probably not toddly ones. Loves everyone.

I think she’d prefer not to be an only dog.

Not destructive, likes to chew toys and play. Learning to walk on a lead nicely.

Her recall is getting very good when in an enclosed field, really learning fast.
She sleeps in my room at night with my 3 dogs, she’s happy to sleep on the dog bed, and sleeps through, sometimes gets up for a cuddle, and takes up a surprisingly small amount of space.
Honestly she’s a dream and would be a gift for an family who enjoy walks, and wouldn’t mind being stopped for people to admire their stunning dog, and who wouldn’t leave her alone all day at first.
This dog has been reserved, which means that they will be meeting people so that a trial can take place. You can still apply for adoption, however please note that if the trial period is successful then Molly will no longer be available to be rehomed.

If you have already been homechecked you may not need to fill out a new application, just email and let us know. Homes already checked will get priority.

Adoption fee is £200 per dog unless otherwise agreed. This is payable at the time you take a dog on a two-week trial.

If you would like to sponsor Molly to help with their care, you can do so by clicking the button below