We are looking for a very special foster or forever home for Pookie.

This is what his current foster home says about him:-

Pookie arrived in the UK in April, missing his tail, and very scared.

During his time in foster, he’s come out of his shell and is a lot more relaxed than when he arrived. He’s clean in the house, is crate trained, has a healthy appetite and is happy living with the resident dog.

He’s taken on the role of sentry duty, and barks when somebody comes to the front door and enters the house, but backs away rather than confronts, and then quiets down once the people have settled. In the garden he’s playful, and enjoys a game of chase with his foster dad and the resident dog.

He is a curious and inquisitive dog who wants to be part of whatever’s going on. He follows his foster dad around, often touching his nose to the back of dad’s legs, but the moment dad turns to pay him some attention, he’ll back away.

He will come to dad for ear rubs and will take treats from dad’s hand, but this must be on his terms – if dad approaches Pookie, he’ll back away.

He is beginning to show more trust in his foster dad, but this is a long slow process, and he is still not comfortable being handled, brushed, or having a harness / lead attached to him.

An occasional dog sitter that comes to care for him says “he so wants to be loved, but doesn’t trust us”.

Once he is able to trust his people, then we have no doubt that he will be the most loving and loyal dog.