Poor Sirius is living in kennel with no hope of getting out at the out of kennels. He has separation anxiety and can be destructive if left alone to long. He can be stubborn and needs a firm but caring owner

Sensational Sirius is a 6 year old male collie X.

He is such a loving boy and even though he has come from an abusive home, he still just wants to be loved.

He would be best as an only pet. After what he has been though he doesn’t want to share his owner.

He absolutely lives to play ball and will chase one all day given the chance.

He is strong on a lead, but he hadn’t been walked much for a long time.

He is in very good health and as you can see, he loves life.

However he does have separation anxiety and can be stubborn.

We’re looking for an owner who will be around a lot or most of the time.

He would be best as an only dog with no children. At the moment he can’t really be left for longer than about two hours. But once he is in his own home, this will be something his owner can work on and probably extend.

He loves his cuddles and just wants someone to give him loads of love.

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