Foster a dog

It takes a very special person to become a foster carer. Someone who is able to set boundaries and is prepared to devote time and attention to a needy dog. At times it is hard, you could say it is no walk in the park!


A foster home is a stop gap between an old life and the start of a new life. Dogs that come to us have either been found as a stray and in this case we would have very little information on the dog or the dog has been handed in by an owner unable to continue to provide for their pet. Sometimes these dogs have medical conditions or need socialisation.

Fostering helps dogs no end. If we didn’t have wonderful foster homes we couldn’t do what we do.

Fostering one dog might not change the world, but for that one dog the world will forever be changed.

Become a foster carer

Information about fostering a rescue dog

When fostering we ask that you commit to caring for your foster dog. Give it time to settle; everything has changed for the dog and it may well take some time to settle in to your home.

We will provide food, collar, lead, harness, bed and anything the dog needs, however if you would like to buy the items for the dog, this will never be turned down as it gives us more funds to cover other bills like veterinary treatment. We do ask that you can take your foster dog to and from the vets for treatment such as neutering, vaccinations etc.

We do not allow people to foster with un-neutered dogs in their home.

We ask that you keep our dogs safe while in your care and do not allow them off the lead (our insurance does not cover this)

The dog remains owned by SNDogs whilst in your care and you must allow a co-ordinator to visit the dog or take it when asked and must make sure we have your latest contact information.

You cannot rehome the dog or allow people to view the dog. Anyone interested in a dog you are fostering should be asked to email SNDogs for further information or an application form.

If a dog needs veterinary treatment, this should be discussed with a SNDogs co-ordinator in the earliest opportunity and they will arrange an appointment if needed.

If you are unable to continue to foster the dog, we will endeavour to place the dog in a suitable foster home as early as possible, but this is not always immediate as we do not use kennels.

All foster homes are asked to add Jessie Wolf to their Facebook friends. Any photos of foster dogs taken are property of SNDogs and we may ask you to remove photos. SNDogs may use photos of foster dogs for promotional purposes.

We are a non profit group and no one takes a wage.

Become a foster carer