A message from Gizmo’s new family

SNDogs received this lovely message from SNDog’s Gizmo’s new family:

“We adopted a 9 year old lurcher Gizmo through SNdogs and we want to use your website to say a huge public thank you

The SNdogs team have been brilliant – totally open and clear about his health – considerate, helpful and genial in the process of adoption

And because of SNDogs’ work a dog who had spent years in a dog’s home now has a loving home – lots of walks – company – good food and a garden as his personal territory – he’s got chance to be young again

We have the company of a gentle and affectionate dog who gives us endless pleasure

If you are possibly interested in adopting an older dog can we urge you to take the plunge? You’ll enrich your life and the life of your dog. We have adopted older dogs before and we are always so glad we did.

Thank you SNDogs and thank you Gizmo!”