Help get puppies (Caroline and Max/Zara) back to rescue

Help us get Caroline and Zara out of quarantine

SNDogs are currently running a campaign to raise over £1,000 to secure the release of two puppies from quarantine kennels.

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Caroline and Zara were found stray on the streets of Romania and got to safety by Crina Alexandra Georgescu (Negri’s Place Dog Rescue). SNDogs then agreed to take them into our rescue, so they came to the UK which involved being driven through several customs checks and being seen by DEFRA in UK.

However, when we took them to our vets, they believed them to be younger than we thought and took them into quarantine. Despite assurances that they would be placed in a kennel together, when we visited them we found that they are in separate kennels. Not only that, but they have been given plastic beds that have been severely chewed up by previous dogs. We are not happy with this, and will be taking them new beds soon, as well as a big bag of toys and treats for all of the dogs currently in quarantine.

Caroline and Zara are booked in to be vaccinated on the 26th October and then will have to wait 21 days thereafter before they can be released.

We need to raise £1,333.00 to get them out of quarantine on the 17th November 2015. Please help us.

Donate to the campaign

If you could share the above link on your Facebook page, Twitter profile, and anywhere else that you are able to, we would be really grateful. The more people that see the campaign, the better the chance of us meeting our fundraising goal.

We will have an auction, sponsorship, and other fundraising ideas going on soon.

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We have set up a dedicated Facebook page to bring you all the latest updates with Caroline and Zara.

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