SNDogs trustee Jessie to shave her head if we can raise £1,000 for SNDogs

A message from SNDogs trustee Jessie:

Over the years I have been asked on several occasions if i would shave my head for charity and every time the idea has filled me with dread, to the point I have paid people to go away when they have asked me!!

Well maybe just maybe it is time to change all that.

I have been apart of SNDogs from the start and it means the world to me being able to work with wonderful people who have the same goal as me, to save as many dogs as possible and get them into a safe. loving, forever homes.

All our team are unpaid helpers, often with full time jobs and families, but they still spare time to help! So this is me doing something to make them laugh and raise a few funds to save more doggies.

I would like to raise £1000 and need everyone’s help to do this.

I will be finding a venue so everyone can come and watch and posting it live on facebook. But only if I can get £1000.

Oh pants, not sure I want to do this now….. But guess I have to if we can reach £1000.

Anyone got a spare wig????

It’s all coming off!

Sponsor Jessie