Kody’s school bake sale raises over £400!

If you follow SNDogs on Facebook, you may have seen our posts over the past couple of weeks about the cake Sale that Kody Bowler arranged at Commonweal School.

After hearing that this year’s Old Town Dog Show was at risk of being cancelled after a sponsor pulled out, 11-year-old Kody stepped up to the mark and sought to raise the £300 himself by selling cakes at his school. Well, he surpassed his total, raising a very impressive £421.71 in total!

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SNDogs would like to thank Kody, his mum, and his mums mum and everyone who baked cakes, his friends who helped him sell them at school, Commonweal School for allowing Kody to sell the cakes and all the pupils at Commonweal school who bought the cakes.

Many, many thanks as well to Liam Murphy who donated £20, Run Swindon who donated £50 and Paw-Fit Pet Services who donated £50.

SNDogs look forward to seeing lots of you at the Old Town Dog Show on 9th July!