Meet Bubba

This is Bubba, who will be a long-term foster dog with SNDogs as sadly has terminal cancer.

Bubba is a small cross breed who found himself in a Spanish pound.

Who know how long before his number would be up? It wouldn’t be long. That’s for sure.

Some nice people shared his photo in the hopes someone would see it, fall in love with him and adopt him! But the next best thing happened he was offered a space at a U.K. rescue!! Soon he would be traveling to a whole new world! But something wasn’t quiet right with Bubba!

So he was taken to the vets where they found a large cancerous tumour growing inside his bladder. The vet said he won’t live much longer. He was sent back to the pound.

The rescue was informed and it was expected they wouldn’t take him on now. But we did and he will stay in a foster home for the rest of his days.

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If you would like to donate to Bubba’s care, please use the following details:

SNDogs, CO-OP Bank, account number: 65622481 sort code: 08 92 99
or via FRIENDS AND FAMILY on paypal to

Ref: Bubba otherwise it will not be put in Bubba’s fund.

Alternatively you can sponsor Bubba for £20 which means that you will get a sponsorship certificate and your name will go on our sponsor page.

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