Parkers Estate & Lettings Agents

Parkers Estate & Lettings Agents are a pet friendly lettings agent based in in Commercial Road, Swindon. Parkers are the only Pet Friendly Lettings Agents in Swindon!

Information for landlords

Pet Friendly Rental Scheme

According to the National Association of Residential Property Managers, upwards of 70% of tenants have some kind of pet. With nearly 50% of Britain owning a pet and the number of tenants increasing every year, non-pet-friendly landlords are clearly losing out on a large market.

Here at Parkers we hope to change this by making life easier for both Landlords and Tenants (and pets!).

Benefits of going Pet Friendly:

  • You’ll attract renters who may otherwise buy – Not being able to find pet-friendly homes is one of the most cited reasons renters turn to buying.
  • Tenants are willing to pay more rent.
  • Pet Friendly means loyal tenants – It’s so hard to find pet friendly accommodation, they are more likely to stay long term.
  • Faster renting – The vacancy rate for pet-friendly housing is significantly lower than “no pets allowed”.
  • You’ll open up to a wider audience – according to ‘Pet Friendly Rentals’ by not accepting pets you will be decreasing your potential market by 50%.
  • Property Protection – Dogs are a good form of security and cats are pest controllers!

Pet Friendly properties are rare, so they rent FAST and at the BEST PRICE!

What We Offer Landlords:

  • Pet Referencing – from previous Landlords, Vets, and personally meeting tenants and their pets.
  • Up to 10% more Rent than Non-Pet Friendly.
  • Higher Deposit.
  • Full Professional Clean (including carpets) and Flea Treatment when tenancy ends.
  • Loyal, Long Term, Respectful Tenants.
  • Regular property checks, including liaising with neighbours to ensure neighbourhood satisfaction.
  • Only 12% Full Management Fee
  • Plus all standard Credit Checks and Referencing.

If you mention SNDogs and we take your property on in March, we will reduce our Management fee to 10%! This is covered by your increased monthly rental income.

Thanks to No Letting Go Swindon & Cotswolds, we can also offer for the month of March a further 20% discount for an initial Inventory/Check In and 15% donation to SNDogs.

If you would like to find out more, please call Deb on 01793 511 222.