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Charley is a 15 year old Tibetan Terrier who was handed in to us in December. Even after 13 years, her previous owners felt they could no longer look after her. She was being left on her own for 10 hours a day and not getting enough exercise. We met Charley and could not resist her. A beautiful dog inside and out, brilliant with kids, cats and other dogs. Our initial thoughts were nobody would want to adopt a 15 year old dog, but, we would happily have in foster for the rest of her life.

And then something wonderful happened, a family fell in love with her. Within 3 weeks of being in her new home Charley needed a life saving operation and which is going to cost a substantial amount. She was never spayed by her owners, and, developed Pyometra – a womb infection. An anaesthetic on a dog of this age is risky, but, a spay was the only way to save Charley’s life. The only other choice was unthinkable. She has been to our Vets to have the procedure and is now recovering, slowly.

We are covering the cost of all the treatment, but, it is estimated to be 3 times the cost of a normal spay. We are a charity solely funded by donations and to saying this is going to leave a gaping hole in our finances, is an understatement. Everything we do is going to have to go on hold, routine vet treatments, helping local dogs just like Charley, transport donations for dogs needing to rescue places, all the little seen things that SNDogs do.

We need to raise £450 to cover the cost of Charley Sheep’s operation. Please help us?

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Every donation really does make a difference, if you can afford a donation to ensure we can continue our work it would be gratefully received. Times are tough at the moment, this week alone we have picked up 3 dogs from a local kennel who had been abandoned. We have lots of dogs in at the moment, as well as Ben our terminally ill Golden Retriever.

We would hate to be in the situation where we have to stop helping local dogs. Your continued support ensures that will not happen. Please donate if you can.

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As well as the crowdfunding campaign above, we are currently running an online auction on Facebook to raise much needed funds.

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