Sparky the Weatherdog puts the fun back into Swindon’s weather

SNDogs would like to say a big WOOF WOOF (THANK YOU in human speak!) to Sparky The Weatherdog for helping us raise money to replace our supplies of dog food that were stolen a few weeks ago.


Who is Sparky the Weatherdog?

Sparky the Weatherdog wears a hat from his never ending Funky Hat collection and lets you know the weather during the week live as it’s happening in the morning in Swindon. ‘Why’? I hear you ask, well who doesn’t want to see a dog in a hat telling you the weather early in the morning to kick start your day with a smile?

Over 1,300 people have “Liked” the page on Facebook in order to get Sparky’s wonderful weather updates every morning. Start your morning with a smile by clicking the button below to see what today’s weather in Swindon has in store.

You can even send in messages or birthday wishes for your family and friends which Sparky will read out!

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