If you have adopted a dog from SNDogs and would like to leave us a testimonial, please send it to us using our contact form and it will get added to this page.


My beautiful boy, settling in well, he is just perfect, thank you so much SNDogs, especially Jessie for all your help, love him to the moon and back, you do a fantastic job in finding your woofs loving homes x


“We adopted a 9 year old lurcher Gizmo through SNdogs and we want to use your website to say a huge public thank you

The SNdogs team have been brilliant – totally open and clear about his health – considerate, helpful and genial in the process of adoption

And because of SNDogs’ work a dog who had spent years in a dog’s home now has a loving home – lots of walks – company – good food and a garden as his personal territory – he’s got chance to be young again

We have the company of a gentle and affectionate dog who gives us endless pleasure

If you are possibly interested in adopting an older dog can we urge you to take the plunge? You’ll enrich your life and the life of your dog. We have adopted older dogs before and we are always so glad we did.

Thank you SNDogs and thank you Gizmo!”

Reuben (was Ziggy)

Just a thank you from us for the amazing Ziggy, now known as Reuben (he was beginning to think Ziggy was a command to zig zag). He is currently having a snooze, with a bone and a soft duck, all curled up on his bed. This morning we had a lovely walk on the beach in Wales, he prefers lying in the seaweed to the sand, lovely smell!!. Happily off lead in safe spaces, Rueben still growls at dogs to let them know he is there, but he is becoming quite social and is a champion at sitting. So into 2017 and looking good with Rueben/Zig, a lovely addition to the family. How lucky are we.


My fiancé and I already had a rescue dog called Max who due to previous history is nervous of dogs he doesn’t know. I started volunteering for SNDogs to try and learn more about dog behaviour, and to build my confidence – this is how I met Monty.

Monty is a 5 year old German shepherd cross Galgo who spent his entire life in Spanish kennels until SNDogs brought him to the UK. It was love at first sight and I just had to bring him home with me. Jessie let me take him out for the day to meet Max to see how they got in, and due to Monty’s calm nature they hit it off from day one!

Because of Monty, Max has calmed down significant and isn’t as scared anymore and Monty is his best friend.

SNDogs have continued to support us with Monty’s medical situation, giving me advice when needed.

I’m so grateful to them for bringing him into our life. He’s was the missing puzzle piece!


We’ve had Patas a year now, it was a very easy, uncomplicated process. We had him on a 2 week trial to begin with to make sure he was okay with our Cocker Spaniel, Dave. Would highly recommend SNDogs.

Sally (was Midnight)

Hello everyone,

My name is Midnight, although my Dad calls me Sally now! I was looked after by SNDogs who were wonderfully kind to me and helped me find my forever home. I thought I would share a bit about how I am getting on now.

In my previous life I lived with 12 other collies, you may have seen me in the local paper? SNDogs then introduced me to my new family and in particular my new Dad who is called Bob. After visiting Bob’s home I decided that I would very much like to stay with him and as SN Dogs agreed, I moved in pretty quickly. I now live in a Cotswold village and have a very large garden and orchard to run around in. I may be a mature lady but I still love the odd gallop around the garden and I enjoy being outside as Bob potters around and chops wood.

At first I know Bob was worried that I would be lonely without my other doggie companions. However, as long as he lets me sleep in the same room as him then I am fine. To be honest, I have had my fill of other dogs and give them a wide birth if I see them when out and about.

I am now enjoying a quiet retirement, I tend to go out with Bob a couple of times a day and I also go out for slightly longer walks in the village with other family members. I know I can be a bit fussy about my food and if I don’t like something then I pick up the bowl in my mouth and hide it, sometimes it takes Bob a few days to find it but then he gets the message and doesn’t give me that food again. As you will see from one of my photos, I love to get on my sofa with a tripe stick which I hold in my paws, and chomp away at it.

I know that this is my forever home and without the lovely people who work for SNDogs, I dare not to think what would have happened to me. I love my new family and will always be grateful to Jessie and her team for helping me.

Love Midnight (Sally).

If you have adopted a dog from SNDogs and would like to leave us a testimonial, please send it to us using our contact form and it will get added to this page.