History of SNDogs

SNDogs (formerly Swindon’s Needy Dogs) was set up to help dogs in the Swindon pound. We are still very much involved with this; we try and take them in ourselves or find a rescue space with another rescue.

We started as a small group of people who volunteered to walk the dogs that were staying in Swindon pound so that they got some exercise and human attention. After a while we thought “why can’t these dogs stay with me until they find a home?” and thus Swindon’s Needy Dogs was started. We took in the dogs and treated them as our own family whilst we actively searched to find them the perfect home.

As our organisation grew and we gained more foster carers, the number of dogs we could have at a time increased. We started to take in dogs from outside of Swindon, as well as from abroad. This led to a name change in 2015 to “SNDogs” which stands for “Saving Needy Dogs”.

In the future we are keen to provide help to all dogs (and their owners) in the local area. This will be in the form of neutering assistance, training, microchipping and promoting responsible dog ownership.

Our objective is to work towards a long term solution for Swindon’s ‘needy dogs’ firstly. This will be done through support, guidance and advice for new owners.

We work with Swindon Borough Council as well as other agencies and charities to improve the lives of Swindon’s Needy Dogs. We plan to be in place for as long as we are needed.

In August 2015 SNDogs became an official registered charity – our Registered Charity Number is 1163257. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, and a special thank you to those who have helped us to become a recognised charity.

If you are interested in rehoming one of Swindon’s needy dogs, click here to view the available dogs.